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Digital Lead Generation – Ultimate Guide

The era of digitization has evolved its circumference when it comes to business. It becomes significant for marketers to match up to the current demands of their customers by constructing a well-maintained, well-furnished lead generation machine.

The Lead generation breaks down into marketing activities’ set which complements with the stages of the journey of a buyer, starting with the generation of traffic, the conversion rate of visitors or the audiences into potential leads, and sooner or later, transforming the sphere of leads into the frame of customers, isn’t the journey is perfect? Well, from far at least, it looks good. 

In fact, as per 2018 State of Inbound report, the top-most priority of a marketer is to convert all those promising leads into customers.

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In spite of this, the lead generation still is a true challenge for the majority! As per data illustrations, for about 88% of the consumers research for their buys before purchasing something online. 

Putting marketers in our shoes, it’s the need of the hour that we should be creating a digital marketing strategy which offers value to the buyer and with that research process, it leads to the generation of not only traffic but the qualified/efficient leads. 

So, here we welcome you with a compiled list of important tips on how to frame a well-oiled lead generation digital marketing machine.

Use the Significant Content Marketing For Establishing Thought Leaders

If you’re still not onboard of generating the content, then this must be one of the initial steps in the strategy of your lead generation. 

As per Demand Gen Report survey, 96% of B2B i.e Business-to-Business buyers wish to have content with utmost input from the industry of “Thought Leaders” plus 47% of the buyers have seen 3 to 5 content samples before getting engaged with the reputation of sales.

Garner acquires the top-notch position by becoming an expert on topics which your services or products resolve. With the frequent posting of news, articles, blogs, and tips in the context of your desired industry. besides, producing comprehensive guides which the visitors can try downloading on your website.  

This gives the permission to you for the collection of data from the audience which download your dictionary of guides so that you can enroll or engage them in the lead nurturing programs plus keep them hooked by sharing in bulk about your service or product. You can also convert them into customers.

Don’t miss out on promoting your content which you created using the online marketing ways like social marketing, email marketing, and via SEO. High-quality content doesn’t make that much difference if the end-user is not able to find it.

As per the FormStack survey, the organic search is the biggest and defining source of great quality leads, so have the assurance of spending some time on optimization of your content for the search engines.

Take Advantage of Paid Social Media

Social media platforms can prove to be a robust channel, considering the lead generation. To be on the side of profitability, by gaining leads, through the medium of social media networks, you should put in a lot of effort and time in creating an engaged or attention-grabbing audience so that you have the power of changing the state of individuals/prospects into leads. 

The very first-up challenge is to find out which particular tool is appropriate for your business. Also, you can prefer running paid social media advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn.

Majority of the internet users are on the giant social media platform, Facebook, therefore approximately 84% of the marketers make use of this platform for driving heavy traffic and acquiring the leads. Mostly the favorite medium for business owners concerning the lead generation happens to be “Facebook Lead Ads”.

This very format of displaying ads authorizes the potential contacts to submit/present their piece of information without even leaving their favorite, facebook. The campaign’s strategies can be comprised of “Subscribe/Sign up For Our Newsletter” or strategies like “Limited Time Offer” of about 20% Off on Your First Buy.

Also, the Lead Advertising is a tremendous outlet in the consideration of remarketing campaigns as, in the vast majority of cases, the visitors engaging to your website will see that particular ad; and now in this manner, you’ll be having the opportunity of giving an inducement to resend them to your “Sales Funnel”.

Then, there’s a removal of friction from Facebook which reduces the acquisition costs. This gives the user a better experience and surely compelling more traffic of leads for your business to be at a peak!

Website Optimization Should Be Done For Local SEO

Debatably, organic search is one of the worthwhile long-run strategies as far as lead generation is concerned. Still, with 200 plus factors affecting how topmost search engine, Google will give a position to your site in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

It’s believed that a strong pinch-hitter in the context of lead generation is investing time in optimizing the local SEO. 

The local SEO will admit your business to knock into the neighboring community and then help end-users in figuring out when you’re required the most. As the world of mobile continues to overshadow everything, here the local SEO plays its role as it can lead to making a huge difference in inviting more customers at your doorstep.

Start this process by making sure your Name, Address, and Phone, i.e. NAP on your website is constant. Your NAP should be consistent within your listings like Google My Business (GMB), Facebook, and Yelp. 

An alternative pleasant idea is by asking the customers who are satisfied to drop a review comment or making it pretty easy for the customers for reviewing your business.

The third-party networks reviews accelerate your possibilities of being searched by efficient prospects without even spending any sort of money! Also, make sure that the Title Tag of your website indulges the key phrase which you’re looking to rank for further to your neighborhood, city or state.

Things are not overnight or effective results in your pocket are achieved overnight. For this, you have to analyze your business by seeking for your essential keywords and then looking where you rank in the Google WebPage.

Email Marketing Segmentation

Though it may be acknowledged as one of the earlier strategies, email marketing can be an all-powerful tool when you try to reach the prospects or try to upsell your pre-existing customers. It then becomes significant to accommodate the strategy of email marketing by modifying your messages to target particular segments of the customer database management of yours.

Currently, marketing automation is a well-known way of automatically helping marketers to send highly traffic driven and targeted emails to the leads. When synced or have the correspondence with your CRM account, leads can be managed to be in a workflow, so that once the website forms are filled, they are nourished with SEO-friendly content that level-up their particular interests. 

This may include email follow-ups with Call-to-Action process and great content to subscribe or sign up to your blog post.

As you know more about every detail of your lead, you can adjust your messaging system to take them down to the funnel/sales funnel. 

As per Forrester Research, companies that follow lead nurturing strategy, they witness 50 percent more “sales-ready leads” as compared to their non-nurturing equivalents at 33 percent reduced cost. 

Although we only name a few of simple lead generation methods and strategies, make sure that whichever strategy you pick up for analyzation with the next one, you go on testing for it.

This will assist you in gaining a deep-rooted understanding of how to efficiently implement and strategize your campaigns of digital marketing to achieve your targeted goals.


So, on the whole you can say that lead generation fly high! Online generation of leads with the use of inbound Marketing Methodology comprises of the power to give a new and a productive shape to your marketing processes and to your current sales.

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